Removing Possibly Unwanted Programs

So, you, your child or spouse accidentally installed a program/toolbar/something else, and since then your computer has been acting a little (or very) off. Your browsers homepage has been changed, all kinds of ads are popping up when you're browsing, and so on. It is possible that you have what is commonly referred to as [...]


Basic Computer Maintenance

Computer maintenance is important. Whether you use a Mac or a PC, there are some things that need to be done to keep your computer in optimal running condition, and to ease the urgency of computer crises' in the future when things do go wrong. Below I have three different sections (and you can use the [...]

Computer Security and Ministry: Social Networking

It has been a while, and once again, I want to take a more extensive look at social media threats, and how to improve safety on social media sites. Be Wary of Unknown Links Last time I posted, I said to be careful on social networking sites like Facebook. One of the most common ways [...]

Computer Security and Ministry

What we are covering today covers one of the more vital things that computer users should know about, yet it is often something that isn’t talked about enough within the context of ministry. In addition, staff/volunteers in student ministries are especially susceptible to malware in some specific ways. On one hand, staff who work in [...]

Using Dropbox for MPD and other ministry purposes.

If you haven't discovered it yet, one of the easiest ways to keep your important documents and files syncronized across multiple computers, is by using a service like Dropbox. Dropbox is a service that combines online web storage, with an app that you can use on Windows, Mac's, Linux and even mobile devices like ones that [...]